4 posts from day 27/08/2015

Product Retouching

Want to learn how to cut out product photography? Look no further than this YouTube tutorial from Dansky. In the video, the YouTuber shows you how to cut out a product image and realistically place it onto another background. The video shows some solid techniques and is one of the best product retouching tutorials that I've come across.

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The 15 Minute Retouch Book

In November of 2014 I released my first retouching book entitled "Retouch Photos in Fifteen Minutes Flat". The book, which is available on Kindle for $4.68 shows you how to retouch a portrait in less than fifteen minutes. It includes: - Adobe Camera Raw - Healing Brush work - The Patch Tool - Skin Retouching - Dodging - Burning - Finishing touches - Selective colour editing - Sharpening for print and web. The book also comes with access to a private video in which I show you ...

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How to Find Images to Practice On

If you're looking for images to practice retouching on, then it can be difficult. Many photographers don't release unretouched images, and don't like you to use their work in your portfolio. There are ways of finding high quality RAW images to practice on which can be used in a retouching portfolio. ModelMayhem ModelMayhem.com is an excellent resource for finding photos to retouch for free. Within the ModelMayhem forum there is a section called Digital Art and Retouching, followed by a sub ...

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